Services for Sellers

Attention to even the smallest details
will ensure that your home appeals to the greatest number of potential buyers.

Nest Group Realtors

How we help you sell your home

Backed by J Rockcliff, we are experts in finding buyers


From the moment they pull up to the curb, potential buyers begin making decisions about your home. A well presented property will help attract buyers to your home. We are well-versed in effective staging and if appropriate will bring in a professional to maximize your property's appeal.


Accurate and professional inclusion on the appropriate MLS. Direct marketing to Brokers at weekly Marketing Meetings. Regularly scheduled company-wide office meetings. Email marketing to a network of over 28,000 agents in the East Bay alone


Statistics show that the large majority of listings are sold by other real estate agents; we understand the importance of relationships, networking, and how to position your property to get the most for your money.

Simple ways to present your home

Over the years, we've compiled a nice list of simple ways to make your home even more presentable to potential buyers.
  • Curtains open, blinds up! Let the sun shine in…light and bright is good! On dark days or during evening showings, make sure all the lights are on.
  • Set your dining room table to create a homey atmosphere.
  • Soft background music creates a relaxed environment where buyers feel comfortable.
  • Curb Appeal is created with freshly planted flower beds, a newly painted front door and polished hardware and a new door mat and/or flag.
  • Hire professionals to help with deep cleaning while the property is on the market.
  • Remove excess furniture to make home appear larger and easy to "maneuver".
  • Pay attention to details; make sure windows, mirrors and light fixtures sparkle!
  • High wattage light bulbs "brighten up" a room and make it seem warmer.
  • Fresh flowers and candles smell nice and create an inviting feeling.